Meet the Team

RICKY LAYAL – Recruitment Manager

Ricky has over 15 years’ experience working in the recruitment industry and has focused on medical recruitment since 2007. He has been with the company from its inception and was responsible for launching the International Doctors division, recruiting doctors from overseas across all specialties on a permanent and fixed term basis to the NHS. He is responsible for taking candidates through the whole recruitment cycle and is heavily involved in tenders and business development.

Ricky has a big passion for sports, particularly cricket and plays in the Surrey league Championship on Saturdays. He enjoys physical challenges and competed in the RoughRunner Event last year. Ricky has also taken on a number of challenges raising money for charities such as the Make a Wish Foundation and Barnardos.

What do you like about working at Xander Hendrix Healthcare?

I still take immense pleasure in helping a doctor make the move from overseas to the UK with their family and start working in the NHS. I enjoy speaking regularly with candidates and helping to make the transition as smooth as possible. To see how far we have come as a company and the difference we have made to many NHS clients by vastly reducing their locum spend fills me with great pride.

Favourite Shows to Watch?

Narcos, Modern Family, Ozark, The Good Place, Afterlife

Childhood Nickname?


Ideal Holiday Destination?


Favourite Quote?

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Professional Cricket Player