Pastoral Care

We are permanent recruitment specialists and pride ourselves on the reputation we have built with both candidates and clients. This is part of our company ethos. Pastoral support for our candidates remains a key element of how we work. The majority of our candidates come from overseas and our support becomes more paramount to a successful transition and placement.

Moving abroad to work is a highly exciting but also stressful challenge; we are there to help our candidates through the whole process. Our support begins from the very first conversation and continues even after placement. Our aim is to ensure that each candidate happy in their role. The care of the candidate, their family, Trust and wider community is paramount to ensuring a successful placement.

We will provide guidance on GMC registration, IELTS/OET exams and VISA applications. Our conversations include getting to know the candidate’s family situation and discuss how they will fit into their new role. This can include VISAs for their partners and children, schooling for children and the best accommodation close to their place of work and also near schools for the children.

There is vast range of information that a candidate and their family need when making a move. As standard we provide information on:

  • Location maps
  • School information
  • All accommodation needs are discussed and various scenarios are highlighted
  • Banking information to open a new account and advice on how much cash can be brought into UK airports.
  • Transport information. We organise door to door travel for the candidate and family with help from the trust.
  • Trust information including team members, department information and reporting instructions
  • Occupational health procedures
  • Job and person specification
  • Salary details
  • Hospital website (policies and procedures)
  • Public transport links
  • Welcome pack to include detailed information on a number of things

Many of our consultants are multi-lingual and they can use these skills and are accomplished in using these skills to communicate effectively with non-English speaking family members of the doctors so that we can help to put them at ease.

We will continue to provide support post-placement. We are here to help you settle into your new environment.