Saving You Money

Xander Hendrix Healthcare is an innovative organisation who are here to build a strong working relationship with you through a more consultative approach and will work around your schedule to fill your requirements.

Our company ethos has always been to make a difference by saving the NHS money through cost effective recruitment strategies of the leading talents in the medical market. We have seen the huge sums of money that some agency doctors’ cost with their astronomical hourly rates. As a founding principle we only provide fixed term and permanent recruitment services, this prevents the conflict of interests that can arise when suppliers provide both locum and permanent solutions. All of our candidates will join you as trust employees on a fixed term and permanent basis and will therefore be paid salaries according to the NHS Pay Scale.

We will only charge you a one-off introduction fee which will be invoiced once the candidate has arrived on-site to your hospital. There are no upfront costs or any additional charges. If the candidate was to remain with your organisation and take up a substantive post, again there would be no further charges from us – it is simply a one-off fee.

Our standard terms and conditions are 15% of the basic salary, but we have also found that some of our clients prefer a fixed fee amount according to their job title, for example a set amount for a Consultant and set amount for a Middle Grade. We are happy to discuss specific models with each client and formulate a plan that everyone is happy with.

Our permanent solutions have already reduced our clients’ annual spend on average by 62%.


We have been the sole supplier for international doctor recruitment for the Western Trust in Northern Ireland for a number of years and have drastically reduced their reliance on locums by using permanent solutions saving them in excess of £10,000,000.