Dr Hesham

My first encounter with Mr. Ricky Layal was on June 2017; I was applying at that time for jobs as Nephrology Registrar in Ireland. I got then an email followed by phone conversation from Mr. Layal saying that he came across my CV and would like to help me finding a job in Northern Ireland, as by that time I was not yet registered with the GMC, UK, I told him that I am not eligible for that. He successfully persuaded me to apply assuring me that if my interview was successful, he would support and guide me through the whole process of registration with GMC till the travel from my home land, Egypt to my new work place in Northern Ireland.

He was true to his wards; indeed, the letter of acceptance was forwarded to me by Mr. Layal who professionally guided, supported and followed me during the whole lengthy process of applying for the GMC registration, travelling for identity check with the GMC, getting the necessary documents for working visa in the UK and even flight arrangements, transportation and accommodation in my new work place.

I had a difficulty getting the needed score in IELTS exam for the GMC registration; Mr. Layal supported me even in this. I have to say that, Mr. Layal really went the extra mile in helping me getting my dream job. I owe a lot for his professionalism, advice, kindness and invaluable support.

I sincerely and wholeheartedly recommend any professional looking forward to advancing his or her career to seek the invaluable help and support of Mr. Layal.

Hesham Mohamed Ammar