Xander Hendrix are partnered with Health Action Training offering a bespoke training service to support you throughout your career.

From running OSCE preparation training before you leave your home country, offering courses that help you settle into your new life and career, right through to Advanced Communication training (accredited by the RCN and RCP) Health Action Training are recognised as one of the leading training organisations in NI.

Introduction to the NHS

This 12-hour course begins in the country of origin and provides education and support for healthcare professionals transitioning to work in NHS. It consists of communication skills, Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) issues, cultural awareness and managing relationships in multiprofessional teams.

Mental Health OSCE prep

Due to a shortage of Mental Health Nurses there is increased appetite to recruit MH nurses from abroad. To support these efforts Health Action Training has developed a unique course that helps prepare International Nurses for their new career and most importantly prepares them for a Mental Health OSCE. With a significant amount of the training conducted before leaving the home country this course heavily reduces the costs for the employing organisation and eases the transition for the nurses.

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If you would like to understand how HAT supports Xander Hendrix’s efforts please get in contact.